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As a mother of a 6 year old son, I know how much babies and children change. How as a mother, I often lock in moments in my mind and my heart that I never want to forget about my child's life. The only way to do this even more visually is by a photo....and that is my job. That is why I do what I do. I lock in, and capture what can be seen today so we can look into it tomorrow, and years to come. Sure, anyone can take a photo, but I find a way to capture it like noone else sees it. Capturing the details that were somehow missed in a hurried moment out the door on the way to our busy days. Everyone has an important and special job in this world. I believe God has destined me for my job as a children & family photographer as he feeds my soul with passion every day. Some call it a job, I call it a destiny.

About Me

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