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{Our Studio}

To say that I love my studio is certainly an understatement. It was everything that I imagined and more than I could dream of. The feature of our studio is the 700 square foot room of pure white shooting space. There are three 7 foot Northwest facing windows covered in white sheers that allow us to be a Natural light studio. We also have Alien Bee lighting that is ceiling mounted on a sky rail system for those dreary days or to simply shoot on the farthest wall from the windows, on our savage backdrop system. There is a sofa area where clients can relax while they watch me work with their little one. My husband built me two 6 foot by 6 foot wood backdrops, one stained dark wood, and one painted cream. I use one of them in every session as it fits our organic branding perfectly. I never get tired of the results I get from using them!

We have a wide variety of props and outfits for babies up to a year and girls up to size 8. Most of our newborn and baby clothing is handmade by myself and multiple designers from around the world, giving each client a unique session. We carry many fabrics, furs, wools and backdrops in a wide variety of colors. Our hats, headbands and wraps can make up an infinite variety of newborn and baby styling! I enjoy putting together one of a kind sessions, I even enjoy putting my things away in their special places, it's rather therapeutic haha. Everything is organized by color and has it's own special place in the studio. Being organized is the key to my successful sessions. All of my shelving is from the amazing IKEA, I could have walls of IKEA shelving and I could call it Heaven! I have even thought of designing a house around IKEA products!

Vintage is my favorite, especially when it comes to furniture and dresses. My friend Jodi refinished an early 1900's armoire and it was just perfect for the studio space! We also have some vintage dresses from the same time period that were gifted to us from my friend Karyn, they belonged to her grandmother. Some of our things are so special and unique and clients love that about us!

We have a room dedicated to in person client galleries. It's cozy and comfy and we view them on a 60 inch 4k tv. This allows clients the perspective of what size prints they would want on their walls. They view a slideshow with music that showcases their entire session with us and helps them select their print collections.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou

This is my all time favorite quote. I live by this every day, giving my business the integrity that my clients deserve. When clients come into our studio, they are amazed and happy and they get to walk into the session that they imagined for many months and that day is finally here. I have poured my heart and soul into my studio and my work, and thats what my clients will get. I want to exceed their expectations, I want to make them feel special, and I want them to remember it for the rest of their lives even if its the one and only special session that they will do with me. It is right here in this studio that I will wait for them, for their special moment. God has blessed me, he's blessed me really big <3

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